About Blix

Since 2014, when Blix designed and built their first e-bike, thousands of folks have ditched their cars for a more enjoyable ride on the most stylish, comfortable e-bike around. Every ebike is built with a unique combination of sleek design and high performance, specifically made for everyday transportation and leisure riding.

Founded by Pontus Malmberg, who grew up in Sweden, a country where a third of the people ride bicycles to work and for play, the mission at Blix is to see bicycles become sustainable transportation here in North America. Today, Blix has become one of the fastest growing electric bicycle manufacturer in the U.S. Blix's goal is to make it easier to live a healthier and active life, and make short distance travel more enjoyable, fast and easy. For companies, Blix makes commercial deliveries sustainable, while lowering transportation cost and shorten the delivery time. For cities, Blix ebikes bring streets to life, increase accessibility, improve air quality, and help communities become truly sustainable - environmentally, economically, and socially.