2019 Pinarello Prince FX Ultegra Di2

711 Gradient Vulcano
747 BoB Metal
712 Gradient Fluorite
736 Gradient Kunzite
713 Gradient Ametista
Local pickup only. Please call us with any questions.

  • The Prince frames are the latest evolution of the allround bike from Pinarello for a wide range of users. Prince comes from experience and technologies developed for top range models but adapted for a less-extreme use, maintaining the unmistakable riding style of the most successful company in Tour de France.

    Think Asymmetric- Each Pinarello frame is designed with one essential feature: asymmetry. This is our design philosophy. Yes, because a vehicle with asymmetric traction can only be asymmetric. Your legs push on both pedals of the bicycle, but the chain acts only on the right side of your bicycle. It is therefore obvious that a frame must be asymmetric to allow you to ride symmetrically.

    • Carbon T900
      Asymmetric Frame
    • Fork ONDA with ForkFlap™
    • Think2 System with E-Link™
    • ICR™ Internal Cable Routing
    • Drop in Bearing System 1” 1/8 - 1”1/2
    • Italian thread BB
    • Seatclamp TwinForce
    • 3XAir™ two positions available
      for the second bottle
    • FlatBack Profile
    • UCI Approved
    • Max Tyre 700x28mm


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