October 31, 2018

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Dear Cycleogical Community,

Virtually every morning we open the shop, our sole focus is on how to achieve our goal of being the best bike shop in Southern California. OK, sometime our sole focus is on getting another cup of coffee, but then we quickly refocus on the task at hand.

We have been so blessed, in our 6+ years of operation, to have your enthusiastic support to fuel our vision. Lately, it feels like we're running on 100% nitro. We are also fortunate to be situated in one of the greatest mountain biking regions in the world. That's right, we said it. Vancouver may have more hero dirt, but we've got year 'round riding conditions plus killer waves to ride on our days off. Could it get any better? But most importantly, we have the friendships and trust of our community of riders - riders of all types and ages. Yes, we started out primarily as a mountain bike shop, but we've grown by adapting and responding to the needs of our community. Whether that be getting tuned up to hit Mammoth by our Elite Service Center, joining us on Saturdays for our group road ride, or getting that dusty 12-year old cruiser out of the garage and back on the strand. 

The next step in our evolution is to offer you 24x7 access to our shop, and most importantly to our collective bicycling expertise. Just like stopping by the shop to have a beverage and pick Bill's brain on the latest setups or trail conditions. Or consulting with our amazing mechanics on squeezing every ounce of performance out of your ride. But from the comfort of your couch.

If you've already had a look around our new 'home' and think the walls look a little bare, you're right. We're just getting started. As we've built our retail shop around the needs of this community, so too will we build our online store. We have a lot of ideas where we want to take this. But we don't just want some whizbang gadgetry. More importantly, we want to provide a truly useful experience and online service that helps you further advance your cycling fitness and recreational goals.

So let us know what you think so far, what we should change, and what we can do to serve you better. Hit us up in the comments here, or anywhere you run into us on the Interwebs. We're listening!


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John Ciampa
John Ciampa

January 16, 2019

Love the new website!

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