May 22, 2019

OC Trail Report June 2019

May grey has made for some great riding weather in the mornings. Along with some unseasonal intermittent rain showers, we've got some pretty fantastic dirt right now. To those who complain about all the rain we say, "keep the hero dirt coming!" Current weather forecast is showing a few more spats of rain over the next week. Hopefully you can get out there and take advantage of it. 

Now, a couple of cautionary notes for you this month. Last weekend's soaking opened up a few new trenches in spots. Most likely you won't run into this, but check out the trail notes below before your next ride.

Secondly, the continued rain is still feeding the brush. Just when it was finally getting beat back into submission, we've run into spots with new patches of overgrowth (BVD, we're talkin' about you). 


Trail Conditions Round-Up:

As always we love any trail tips you have to share! Jump into the comments section below or DM us on the interwebs. Here’s our latest info on local riding spots:

Laguna Coast / Crystal Cove:

Old Emerald


Hit this first thing in the morning for maximum stoke.


Heavy brush in multiple spots. You can hack through it, but it won't be much fun.



TBH, we haven't ridden this since last month because of the brush. Recommend waiting a few more weeks.



Trail is in great shape but look out for a couple of lingering puddles and mud pits in the middle of the top section.

Missing Link / Fence Line


Would have PR'ed it except for a giant rattlesnake. (J/K we don't really go for PR's on this trail)



Got a tip? Share in the comments!


Aliso Creek / Wood Canyon:

5 Oaks


Dirt is good. A little ragged with braking bumps on some corners

Rock It / Lynx


Solid as usual

Car Wreck


Rutted through the rock garden at the bottom

Mentally Sensitive


Good - chunky and challenging in the middle. Bring it!


2 Balls & a Bone


Has been cleared again and thistles and brush are removed from the middle section. Dirt is nice and tacky after the rains.

Secret Sh*t / What Sh*t is this?


Bill is still trying for the KOM so he claims the trail running horrible. Bottom is overgrown after the last chute.

Drunken Fools


Still a bit overgrown at the top

General comment

Watch out for dog poop! 

San Clemente / Dog Park:

Dan Juan


Hope in the Fence


Totally reworked and running fast

Lobo DH


On poooooiiiinnt!

Car Crash


Running great

Hole in the Fence



Flow Trail


Whole Shot




Upper part is good (car cash & hole in the fence). Lower part is still overgrown - come into the shop and get your handguards!

Greater Region:

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Bike Parks:

Mammoth is scheduled to open this weekend, but it's still under 3+ feet of snow. We're going to wait until later in June.

Big Bear is scheduled to open this weekend also. There will be a big festival, discounted lift tickets, but probably also some snow to contend with. Check the latest conditions and lift status here.

Sky Park will be closed Thursday May 25, and a little iffy over the weekend. Check their status page before you go. 


Thanks for checking out the OC Trail Report from Cycleogical.  We’re still tinkering with format and content, so let us know how else we can make it better in the comments. Happy riding!

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