July 01, 2019

OC Trail Report July 2019

It's the tail end of June and we are champing at the bit for some of our favorite riding conditions of the year. Continued rain showers throughout June have kept the trails in pretty good shape. Yes, July will see continued rising temperatures inland and the trails will get blown out with accumulating sand. But we also get the most varied riding options across all types of terrain - a veritable smorgasbord! With the end of June gloom (fingers crossed) we'll have clear skies and comfortable-ish morning temps. And if it gets too hot, it just takes a quick ocean dip to cool things off. But in addition to our fantastic local trails, we are going into prime bike park season. Sky Park and Big Bear are now open 7 days a week. In fact, we're declaring July: "Take a day to play hooky from work and go ride your bike" month.  

Trail Conditions Round-Up:

As always we love any trail tips you have to share! Jump into the comments section below or DM us on the interwebs. Here’s our latest info on local riding spots:

Marina Hills - New!:

Overall Conditions 


Huge thanks to Dan English for all the work on these new trails. Highly recommend you check this new riding area out - but be warned there are some STEEP climbs!

Key trails to hit: Centipede, Hole-in-one, Edge-n-ledge and C-drop. 

Come by the shop and we'll show you where the trails are.

Laguna Coast / Crystal Cove:

Overall Conditions


Almost all the trails are in fantastic condition.  Ride early to beat the heat and rattlers. Fire roads are getting blown out in some spots so watch out for sand pits.

Cow Trail


 Brush has been cleared around the bottom of the canyon, some debris is still lingering but it should be gone soon. Still a few tight spots up top on the Dartmoor side.



Heavy brush in multiple spots. You can hack through it, but it won't be much fun. 


Trail condition seems to be degrading from lack of usage. Judging by how overgrown the top section is, the giant mustard stalks at the bottom are nearly impassable. 



Perfect conditions, but will likely get blown out in late July.

Missing Link / Fence Line


Starting to get sandy in spots, but still in good shape.  

Las Ramblas:

Overall Conditions 



This morning's showers notwithstanding, trails are in pretty good shape. Check out our latest photos from Mansions jumps and other trails on Instagram. 

In the rain, things can turn sticky pretty quickly. New rule: if the nobbies fill up on the first climb and it's still sprinkling, better turn around quickly. 

San Clemente / Dog Park:

General Conditions

Green Solid. All the jump trails are clear and open now. 

Mike and Linda's


Still some overgrowth to contend with

Blue Chair


Not cleared yet

Ricky Bobby


Running great

Frank & Beans






Please see the June trail report for latest conditions at Aliso/Wood Canyons and Ramblas.


Bike Parks:

As mentioned in the intro, Big Bear and Sky Park are now open 7 days a week. Beat the crowds by skipping out on work during the week. Seriously, do it. And if your boss gives you any hassle, just say "Cycleogical told me to do out." I mean, you'll still get fired but at least go out in style. 

Big Bear's Exploration Trail is just awesome right now. Going Green has some new berms and is a little chunky, but still a good trail for beginners. 

Mammoth is partially open but still mostly covered in snow. 


Thanks for checking out the OC Trail Report from Cycleogical.  We’re still tinkering with format and content, so let us know how else we can make it better in the comments. Happy riding!

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