January 04, 2019

Check out the inaugural edition of our reporting on local trail conditions around South Orange County, California. Let us know in the comments if you have a tip to share or any suggestions on our new format. Stay tuned for more!

*** Update Jan 14 ***

If you have access to a window, you have some idea what the trails are like today. Check out www.ocparks.com/parks/alerts for updated trail closure info throughout Orange County. 

Get your crew lined up to dig on Friday. If you're looking to joining a dig crew, give us a call or stop by the shop. We'll get you connected. 

San Juan may be ridable on Saturday, but be warned it will be a ZOO out there. Wait another day and hit San Clemente or Ramblas. Or better yet take a drive out to Greer Ranch, which should be absolutely perfect early next week. 

Since you're not riding this week, bring your bike in for service - we'll get you prepped for HERO DIRT!

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